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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Randy & Claudia Wilson

11 July 2018


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Monthly budget: $14,120 or 11.740€
Monthly support: $6,000 or 5.000€




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Make checks payable to Healing 2 The Nations Int'l (or H2TNI) and send them to:

Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
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Account holder: Healing 2 The Nations International
Bank name: Bank Austria
IBAN: AT11 12000 100 017 396 21



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Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
PO Box 4342
Wichita, KS 67204


Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
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Mali: (+223) 6669 2004
USA: (706) 550 9987
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July 9-23   Kansas City, MO & Wichita, KS

July 15   Innovo, Wichita, KS
July 16   Topeka, KS
July 22
   CTC, Lee's Summit, MO

July 24-29   WOFL Conference, Phoenix, AZ

July 30-Aug 12   California

Aug 1-4   HIM Conference, Pasadena
Aug 5   Firepoint, Sunland (tbc)
Aug 12   NCCLC, Oceanside

Aug 15-21   Vienna, Austria

Oct 15-20   PEM, Madrid, Spain

Oct/Nov   France




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H2TNI is a non-profit organization incorporated in Augusta, GA, with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.
H2TNI is also a registered organization in Austria.


Randy & Claudia are part of the apostolic networks of Che Ahn, Alain Caron and Randy Clark.

LOS ANGELES - We're still looking for a place to stay around Pasadena July 30 to August 6th. Let us know if you can help. Thank you!



Having less than half of our monthly budget come in through regular donations, we depend on one-time donations to make up for the rest. Medical bills, school payments, repairs, and many more expenses have led to us being in debt by an unprecedented 5-digit amount. We declare that God takes care of ALL our needs according to His riches in glory, and that this mountain of debt be moved and dissolved! 12.000€ or $14,000 more to go!



Now that the kids are on summer vacation (for 4 months!), Paul has more time to do Bible-discovery groups as the car is not tied up taking kids to school and picking them up. We have more and more groups out in the villages around our main church there and near where Paul lives. Once a week Paul does a meeting in the main village which is also the biggest in the region.

A few weeks ago Paul was on the way to the village, when a tire suddenly exploded right where he was sitting. It sounded like a bomb went off! They put the spare on and continued to the village. On the way back, the spare tire - again where Paul was sitting - also exploded! What now? They were still a long way from our base. A car came by and a white lady was inside, and she just lent them a tire! Now that's unheard of!

What a great example of the intense spiritual warfare we constantly deal with. That is why we need intercessors who hold us up daily! Why am I saying that?

Arriving at the village, Paul was asked to go pray for the imam of the main mosque who was sick with ulcers and other issues and could no longer even get up from bed, and so he did. The next day he received a call that the imam was up and about and completely healed and wanted to see him!

Paul went to see the imam who was perfectly fine, and they had a great time talking. However, like Nicodemus who came to Jesus secretly at night, he wanted to see Paul one-on-one without anyone else around. Last Sunday they met and the imam shared how he had had a dream of Jesus and wanted to follow Him whole-heartedly. However, he is worried about the consequences. Please pray for him. Paul is going to meet with him again this Sunday.



Last year, we lost 13 children for different reasons which was very difficult for me as I love each of our children like they are my own. This year we set the month of April aside to fast and pray and had a precious time of communion with God and each other. It was during that month that Adama (10) suddenly decided to return to us. We were overjoyed! Just over a month ago, he ran away again. A week later Hama (9) also ran away. It was the time of the end-of-Ramadan festivities when people are extra generous and you can make a lot of money begging on the street. The temptation was too great for them.

A few weeks later Yacouba (16) also left secretly. He was missing his little brother Hama and wanted to go find him. Three days later he returned with both Hama and Adama who had found each other on the street. After their return, they admitted that our center is really the best place to be - even though they don't look that happy to be back on this picture taken the day of their return. We thank God that He has brought them all back to us safe and sound. Please pray for them - for their hearts to heal and for them to fall in love with Jesus.




  •        Spiritual Warfare - We need more intercessors to hold us up in prayer. Please connect with us on Facebook where we also have a secret intercessory page. Please email us if you can pray for us daily.
  •        Our US Trip - We've had an amazing time of seeing God move and heal on this trip whenever we get a chance to minister, whether it's inside or outside the walls of the church. Please pray for also for divine connections and new open doors as we head to Wichita, Topeka, Kansas City, Arizona and California.
  •        On Christian TV - We had the opportunity to be on a 2-hour TV show talking about Mali and what God is doing. It's a great introduction to us and what we're about. You can watch it on YouTube here.
  •        New US Secretary - We are still looking for someone to relieve our current secretary and are about to head to Wichita where we are based. Please pray we find someone there so we don't have to move office/PO box.
  •        Construction Update - Construction of the next building that will house our school in the beginning, as well as dorms and the carpenter's workshop, started on February 5th. They have made the bricks to build the walls, and are now compacting the soil of the foundation. Believe with us for the remaining 60.000€ or $73,000 to come in so we can finish it and start our school.
  •        Street Children - We have about 10 street children who come to our base every night and who are growing in their faith in Jesus. When we return to Mali in August, we'll be looking and praying to see who we should take in. Please pray we take the right ones and consider taking on a sponsorship.
  •        First-Grade Teacher - We are still looking for a French-speaking first grade teacher to join our team in September. There is such a need for a good, Christian school where the children are treated with dignity and learn something. Many of our Muslim neighbors would send their children to our school. Please pray we'll find a teacher by fall!
  •        Malian Leader Paul - Please pray for Paul who carries a lot on his shoulders. Pray for his health, strength, and for his wife to fall in love with Jesus and support him in ministry.
  •        Security Situation - The presidential elections are planned for July 28th. Mali is becoming more and more radicalized by jihadists. Please pray for peace, and for protection from jihadists.
  •        Miracle Baby - Our faith has been renewed by people prophesying recently that we would have a son. Please pray for him to come from heaven to earth!
  •       Volunteers - Do you want to come change an orphan's life? Do you want to heal the sick? Preach the gospel to those who've never heard? Come to Mali for a season and let God change your life. No language skills needed, but French skills are helpful.


For he says, “In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.” I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation. (2.Cor 6:2)


Trusting HIM,

Claudia (& Randy)


April 2018
Standing from left: Claudia, Randy, Paul, Amadou, Hama, Yacouba, Bakary, Moussa, Fanta
Sitting from left: Sarata, Adama, Habibatou, Jonathan with Esther, Hama, Musokura

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